Thursday, October 16, 2014

Saying Goodbye

 The little model showing off her new outfit from her grandparents :)

 I think she knows she's cute ;)
We said goodbye on Wednesday after lunch. We walked them to the main road to catch a taxi, Hadassah gave them sloppy kisses, and we waved goodbye. On the way back, Hadassah fussed a little... kept saying "Gggg" which is the sound she uses in conjunction with them or their picture. I think she understood they were going. She's looked around for them some since then, too, often checking after her nap to see if it's just mommy here or if her fun playmates are around. The regulars in the square in our complex and at the vegetable stand also asked where her "Nainai" and "Yeye" were, so I had to tell them they'd gone home to America...

But, it's good to have life a little more back to normal. We LOVED having family here, but we also enjoy our little life with the three of us. Hadassah's getting back into our routine, "helping" mommy again with chores, and we're enjoying time together. I am missing the way the dishes almost instantly got washed and the laundry hung though. ;) Thanks again, Mel and Rhoda, for all of your amazing help and for how you blessed our family with your time here!

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