Sunday, October 5, 2014


 This remote control airplane prompted Hadassah's first Chinese word: Feiji. She was so interested in it, and I told her both the Chinese and American word, and she picked the one easiest to say. ;) It was so cute to hear her yell "Feiji" and try to run towards it, signing "please" and not able to understand why it wasn't coming to her!

And yes, that is blue sky. The weather here has been gorgeous lately! We think that maybe they "ordered" no pollution for the week-long national holiday. ;) In any case, it's likely due to the fact that factories may be shut down for the holiday. Whatever it is, we are loving it!

 Our neighbors invited us to go with them to a part of campus we'd never been to before. Of course, the children want to play with things that wouldn't really interest adults - but such fun to see their wonder! Hadassah's starting to follow the little boy around some and try to do what he does. So cute!

 Wide open grass! A somewhat rare site in Shanghai. ;) We're already making plans to come back sometime soon with a frisbee!

Hadassah sat her for a long time, just playing with grass and leaves and rocks. The things she'd get to play with if we had a back yard... but I'm glad she had this opportunity!

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