Monday, October 6, 2014

Grandparents come!

 We were thrilled to welcome Ryan's parents on Sunday afternoon! Ryan met them at the airport after church while I took Hadassah home to get a nap, figuring a rested grandchild was better than one there the moment they got off of the plane. ;)

 Hadassah was still sleeping when they arrived, and woke up cranky so I nursed her before bringing out to see her visitors. She walked out, stopped at the site of Grammy, almost went to her, then got shy and snuggled with me for quite a few minutes!

 Starting to warm up... 

She looked at her rather strangely, as if surprised that Grammy had legs, since we only see their faces on skype!

 Playing toys with Grammy made her get over her shyness quickly. She soon learned what fun it is to have extra people to play with!

 Then Granddaddy joined us. Hadassah just laid their and looked at him with the strangest expression for a while, as if "Do I know you?"

But by the end of the night, Hadassah was walking to both of them joyfully. We all love having them here! Ten days will go by too quickly...

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